In addition to the well-known Natural Shapes libraries, this section features collections of dental libraries, which are the vision of masters in our field as passionate as you. With the help of my expertise, I’ve assisted them in turning their vision into a digital library that adds value to the daily life of every dental technician.

When aesthetics are on point, teeth come to life, right?✨

My premium tooth libraries include cutback incisal design for naturally looking results and easier mounting.

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      The already renowned collection of Dr. Jan Hajto, masterfully remastered by George Zacusai.

ANTERIORES represents a breakthrough in dental aesthetics. This exclusive database, rooted in the expertise of field masters, is a gem in the world of dental technology.

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Cutback library with Incisal and Supported design

Personalized Thimble design for each library

Biomimetic Shrinkage design for each library